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Blackstrap Molasses Deep Conditioning Treatment


Sorry I’m late guys! For the last two weeks I was doing exams and for the weeks before that I was studying for them. But now, it’s summer!

Those exam preparations really took a toll on my hair. I was stressed, I wasn’t eating right and I had irregular sleeping patterns. I tried my best however to keep hydrated and drank as much water as I could. Also I only washed my hair once during that period and did a less than five minute conditioning treatment. I promised myself and my hair that I would treat it as soon as I got on break.

Below is a list of the ingredients I used and their purposes. Remember that this recipe is not limited to these ingredients. I just used whatever I could find in the kitchen that would help my hair. Use what you have and what works for you

1.Black strap Molasses

This dark, nutrient-dense natural sweetener  is a good source of minerals like magnesium, iron and calcium as well as copper and other trace nutrients. Though there isn’t a lot of scientific research on why molasses is so beneficial for hair, there are thousands of reviews stating that it keep grays at bay, makes hair strong like Iron man  (okay, maybe not that strong), gives hair shine etc.

2. Honey

Honey’s benefits for hair is more than likely not a new topic for you.If you have dry or damaged hair, honey can help. A natural humectant, honey attracts moisture. It’s also full of antioxidants and nutrients to feed hair follicles that house the live part of hair, encouraging hair growth. Honey is also an antibacterial and antiseptic hair softer that can help prevent shedding and scalp issues like psoriasis etc.

3.Soybean Oil

Soybean oil is a natural substance that has moisturizing and hydrating properties. It can be used in weekly hot oil treatments to add moisture to damaged or dry hair. The nutrients, such as carbohydrates, protein, manganese & vitamin K, and lipids in the oil helps it absorb better into the hair for treatments. There is a high vitamin E content in soybean oil so it will fight off free radicals while also being a helpful antioxidant for the scalp. This non-greasy oil is great for sealing your hair and ends and for usage as a base oil for essential oils. Soybean oil is great as a hot oil treatment, pre-poo , and adding to conditioners. Simply warm up 1/3 cup of soybean oil and apply to hair and scalp evenly. To use as an oil rinse, cover with a plastic cap, leave in for 30 min., and then rinse out with warm water.

4. Mayonnaise 

Soften straw hair and tame wild frizzy curls with mayonnaise! It seals moisture into dry hair cells, thereby hydrating hair and making it more manageable. The egg content and oils strengthen the hair shaft and gives it a glossy look. It also protects the hair from UV rays, the harmful effects of styling products as well as adding strength, structure and shine to hair. THAT’S A LOT OF STUFF!

If you want. you can add in other ingredients such as your conditioner or some other oils.


I applied this treatment to my entire head after shampooing. I recently bought a shampoo brush to make this process more effective. I applied it to tiny sections and put my hair in mini twists at the same time. I was unable to steam my hair afterwards because my mom immediately called me and said we’re going on a beach trip. I went on that trip with my molasses scented hair. My biggest concern was that flies would come after me. EEWW!

My results after washing it out was shiny, strong and bouncy hair. Sorry I don’t have any pics.

Anyways, thanks for reading. Share if you smiled at least once or if you found this helpful.

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Taking Multivitamins for hair, skin and nails


I saw these multivitamins in my local pharmacy and immediately became interested. According to the back of the bottle, I’m supposed to get” lustrous hair, healthy nails and vibrant skin”.

The biotin (main nutrient) is supposed to maintain healthy hair and nails. The vitamin C and E are antioxidants. Vitamin E contributes to skin health and vitamin C is for collagen production which forms the basis for healthy skin.

All that sciency stuff is true and all but when I looked at some reviews many reported getting breakouts because of the biotin but that can be corrected by drinking tons of water.                               WIN_20160312_09_26_26_Pro

Currently, these are my short and terrible nails. I don’t know if it’s OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) but for some reason, ever since I was younger, I couldn’t stop biting my nails. I’m 15 now and I do it less frequently but I want to completely stop.

It was hard to measuring my hair and take a picture at the same time but I’ll just tell you the measurements:

Front= 11″                                                                                                                                                             Crown= 12″                                                                                                                                                           Sides= 12″                                                                                                                                                             Back = 12″

As for my skin I don’t have any breakouts.

There are 80 gummies and it says to take 1 gummy 2 times a day after a meal.I’ll give you some updates and tell you if I would buy this product again. You could try this product when you want and give me your honest review. Ciao now!


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How to grow long hair

Now, an outstanding number of us want to grow our hair long. I have and I still want to. Right now, my 3c 4a hair goes down to my armpits. I know that’s longer than what most people have but don’t judge me. Anyways, here a few tips on how to grow yo hair!

1. Drink More Water 

When I would spend hours researching how to grow my long, even though it already was, I would always see “Drink More Water” and I’d wonder how this would help. 

Well, to keep it simple water moisturizes hair. If hair is well moisturized, you have a greater chance of seeing length because the moisture is preventing the hair from breaking off.

2.  Moisturize your hair from the outside

Drinking water alone is not gonna cut it. You don’t have to go to the store to anything as well- unless you want to. Mother Nature can help us . I haven’t posted any DIYs yet but if you search for DIY natural hair moisturizers you’ll have endless options to choose from and you can even tweak the recipe to make yourself comfortable .

3. Try the Inversion Method

Basically, what you do is to heat an oil of your choice ( I chose EVOO), massage it into your scalp and then invert yourself for 4 minutes and no more everyday for one week . Your supposed to gain one inch in that week ( I gained 2 inches ). If you do this for more than one week in a month your hair will get used to it and it won’t work anymore.

NOTE : If you’re PREGNANT or it’s your time of the month or if you get dizzy easily DO NOT DO THIS CHALLENGE. 

4. Eat Foods Rich in Protein and other hair nutrients .

5. Avoid Using Heat Tools frequently

6. Try Hair Supplements

7. Oil your hair regularly

8. Look up how the ingredients in your products affect hair

9. Comb Hair when wet

10. Be Patient