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High Porosity Hair

You know what? Since I’m on holiday, why not make 2 posts today?You can check out the first one here. Anyways, High Porosity hair.

high porosity.png

No offense to this group, but ya’ll make me grateful for my low porosity hair.

Here’s the 411 on H.P hair. If your hair is categorized as ‘High Porosity’, it means your hair absorbs moisture very easily because your cuticle is raised (Kinda like that overly friendly friend you have that welcomes everything). It is possible to absorb too much moisture (aka moisture overload) and all that moisture can leave as fast as it came. This is usually a sign of highly dry or damaged hair that breaks off and sheds very frequently.


  •  Curls easily absorb water, however, it requires more products.
  • Curls often look and feel dry.
  •  Curls are often frizzy.
  •  Curls dry quickly.

How to tame yo thang:

  • Protein Treatments- Long story short, the protein closes up some of those pores in the hair to help retain moisture. Once a month should be okay.
  • Deep Condition after every wash- Why? ’cause your hair’s losing moisture.
  • Sealing with butters/oils and heavier products with natural butters/oils-These are the like the prison wardens for your hair: they make sure no one escapes.
  • Rinsing With good ole Apple Cider Vinegar-  ACV will help flatten the cuticle and seal in the moisture.
  • Anti-humectants-  Besides heavier products,  you want to also use anti humectants in your hair (especially if you live in a very humid climate). Aloe Vera gel/ juice will become your bestie. Check for products that have Aloe in them to serve as anti humectants when you step out to sho yo fro!


That’s all folks. Next stop: normal Porosity Hair



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