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My Wash Day Routine

Saturday is a holy day for me. Yes, day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It literally takes me the entire day just to take care of Lisa ( my hair ) properly.


  1. Divide my hair in 2 to 4 sections
  2. Get hair soaking wet
  3. Squirt ACV and water mixture ( 2:1 ) on the scalp per section
  4. Massage on scalp for 30 seconds
  5. Rinse it out
  6. Deep Condition for at least half an hour
  7. Do LOC Method when styling my hair

UHUH!!!!!!!! This Takes an entire day but it’s worth it.

For deep conditioning, I may use a homemade or store bought deep conditioner. Also, I’m improvising with products for my LOC Method . The products I’m currently using are …….

Liquid : Water or Dr. Miracles Leave In Conditioner

Oil : Africa’s Best Ultimate Herbal Oil with Ginseng

Cream :TAHA African Shea Butter

My hair feels moisturized when I use these products which is my aim. Find products and a routine that works for you. Leave a comment about products that work for you so I can try them out.