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Update on “Taking Multivitamins for hair, skin and nails”

As promised, here is a quick update on taking multivitamins for hair growth.


It’s been 11 days exactly since I started taking Nature’s Bounty hair, skin and nails vitamin supplement. It’s not something that I would buy again but that doesn’t mean that it is not working.

Hair                                                                                                                                                                   No significant hair growth now but my hair does feel a bit stronger. Most of the girls who did a review on this product say that shedding in their hair reduced. I never had any shedding issues but at least the product isn’t making it worse =)

Skin                                                                                                                                                                         My skin wasn’t perfect in the first place but I know that the new bumps I got were a result of this product. There were times that I did not drink the amount of water I needed which is wrong because the main ingredient (biotin) is water soluble (goes around the body via water). Not drinking water will make it cause stuff like this to happen. I highly recommend drinking tons of water when taking any biotin supplement.

Nails                                                                                                                                                                        After a week of taking these I realized a huge difference in the state of my nails. They grew longer faster and stronger. I didn’t put my nails in my mouth, ever, (give myself a pat on the back) so my nails were never tampered with in any way.

Any ways, this is my short review. Hope it helped, even a little bit. Ciao now!




I'm a little island girl from Jamaica with an exploding passion for curly hair, dogs, languages etc

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