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How to grow long hair

Now, an outstanding number of us want to grow our hair long. I have and I still want to. Right now, my 3c 4a hair goes down to my armpits. I know that’s longer than what most people have but don’t judge me. Anyways, here a few tips on how to grow yo hair!

1. Drink More Water 

When I would spend hours researching how to grow my long, even though it already was, I would always see “Drink More Water” and I’d wonder how this would help. 

Well, to keep it simple water moisturizes hair. If hair is well moisturized, you have a greater chance of seeing length because the moisture is preventing the hair from breaking off.

2.  Moisturize your hair from the outside

Drinking water alone is not gonna cut it. You don’t have to go to the store to anything as well- unless you want to. Mother Nature can help us . I haven’t posted any DIYs yet but if you search for DIY natural hair moisturizers you’ll have endless options to choose from and you can even tweak the recipe to make yourself comfortable .

3. Try the Inversion Method

Basically, what you do is to heat an oil of your choice ( I chose EVOO), massage it into your scalp and then invert yourself for 4 minutes and no more everyday for one week . Your supposed to gain one inch in that week ( I gained 2 inches ). If you do this for more than one week in a month your hair will get used to it and it won’t work anymore.

NOTE : If you’re PREGNANT or it’s your time of the month or if you get dizzy easily DO NOT DO THIS CHALLENGE. 

4. Eat Foods Rich in Protein and other hair nutrients .

5. Avoid Using Heat Tools frequently

6. Try Hair Supplements

7. Oil your hair regularly

8. Look up how the ingredients in your products affect hair

9. Comb Hair when wet

10. Be Patient






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